9 thoughts on “SEVENTY

    1. Hi Deb! Thanks, I think. I’ve been avoiding titles to allow space for any and all interpretations, but I’m kinda liking the addition of titles. Maybe I love words TOO much. Nah.


    1. Hi Wendy!


      Not quite an endless supply, but close. A local record shop was getting rid of a few boxes of unplayables. 299 in all. And, occasionally I’ll pick up a handful at a thrift shop.

      Thanks for the compliment that someone might find this exhibition-worthy. I really didn’t have thoughts of that when starting. Actually, there was a lot I didn’t think about when starting. Like where to put the finished records! Right now they fill two 8′ tables. They do look cool all side by side. But, 365 (at least)? Know anyone in Spain that has A LOT of wall space?

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      1. Hi Wendy! How tiny is TINY? I have all kinds of images in my head now. Not that I didn’t before. They just didn’t include TINY little houses in Spain with TINY little people living in them wearing TINY little socks and shoes and walking their TINY little Great Danes and all things TINY like that.

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