14 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN

    1. Manja, Manja, Manja! Quickly,give the Queen a quart of milk! I was joking when I questioned your comment about sequence. The trail of light connecting all these little bunnies (how many?) may not always be so obvious – but the connection (don’t put a penny in a fuse box) is there. It would be easier to see if all of the records could be viewed side-by-side or simultaneously. Sometimes, I don’t even try for a segue, but it shows up anyhow.

      Queen…catwalk….EW GLAND….

      Thanks for the Replay and for mixing things up (in perfect order , of course)! Everything’s connected and it’s been an absolute pleasure connecting with you.


  1. Honey, honey, honey, it was DEW GLAND, hahaha! Had to get my woodrot sense of humour in there, no? And it was an absolute pleasure and definitely worth a repeat 😀

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    1. Hahahahaha… I completely missed the D!!!! I was thinking Ewwww. Dew Gland is much more …well, dewey and fitting.

      Thanks for correcting me – AGAIN. Now I need to go back and correct a tag.


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