24 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO

    1. Thanks Bryan. I love hearing that you had a visceral reaction to this one and that you felt it in your spine in particular. As I was adding the pearls, I was thinking of an exercise in Philip Shepherds brilliant book New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-First Century. Part of the exercise involves visualizing a pearl traveling down your spine (or right in front of your spine). It brings your awareness into your body and into the moment. Sounds like that’s right where you were.

      The planet with the skull on the record was inspired by your last comment about giving a whole new meaning to holes. The background of the skull planet is the piece cut from the center of the the record.

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    1. Hi Susan,


      The number 8 could possibly be : 8 purposes of tears, not the #8 but one pearl sitting on top of another, a sign for infinity, my favorite number, 8 servings, the page number that you’ll find the answer to “What Purpose Do Tears Serve?”, whatever you’d like it to be, or none of the above.


  1. Hi! Was crying a lot after looking at this peace (wanted to say piece but wrote peace). Although, I don´t find this peaceful because I was crying. One reason is because the thought came into my mind he might die before me, and I dont know if I would handle the loss.

    The strange coincidences, although surprising again and again, don´t surprise me, knowing Bryan.

    What is the name of the disc how it was before?

    Bryan was repeatingly telling me to visit your blog, but time ran away until now. Love your idea of it.


    1. Welcome Angelica!

      Your tears are welcome too.

      Laughter, tears, they’re both healing. I do, however, wish you more laughter than tears. Unless, of course, they’re tears from laughing so hard that your belly hurts. Not that I want your belly to hurt. But that wouldn’t be a bad thing, would it? May you laugh so hard that your Whole body hurts. And may you cry hard enough that your tears clear a path and open an entire universe inside. A luminous universe spacious enough for the present moment.

      The name of the record wasn’t altered. It is “Can’t Cry Hard Enough”.


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    1. Hi Angelica,

      The skull is Bob. (I realized you meant skull. I thought you wrote crane for cranium.) Unfortunately, I didn’t know her/him personally so I’ve nicknamed her/him Bob.

      From a cave in the Sierra de Atapuerca of northern Spain, I believe. Close to you?


  2. I hate to say it, but when I saw that skull the first time in your picture, it invoked in me a reasonably strong thought about its similarity with Bryan. And then I looked closer and closer, bending my cranium and wondered if he got shot because of the black holes on the right hand side of it. And automatically I cried and was drunk anyway.

    My English is not perfect yet because I am German, forgift me.

    Bob must be the great etc grandfather of Bryan, that´s it.


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