1. Thank you Cheryl! Speaking of love…after I saw the record inside the bottle, I was afraid it looked way too trashy. I LOVE Iceland. Using the bottle I brought back was appropriate because I wouldn’t mind being stranded there – especially Gullfoss. Among other things, it’s so beautiful and clean – not littered.

      Clicking the Love button back to you.

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    1. Hahahaha! WELLLLLLL…I had a feeling. I recall a Saturday not too long ago when I delivered your Daily Record in a plain brown wrapper.

      The little tiny- Wendy’s house like -TINY bits are all in there.

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      1. Reveal the secret so soon? Okay, if you really must know. About three and a half months ago I put a little itty bitty vinyl seed in the bottle. I set a turntable in front of a south facing window (not too close – at least 6 inches from the window and at a 45 degree angle). I took the cap off occasionally and played lots of Motown and whispered affirmative messages.

        In what seemed like record time, a beautiful DECCA rainbow labeled disc blossomed. “Only The Broken Hearted” So then….

        I took it out. Collaged it with images of puffins, people floating in the Blue Lagoon, glossy lips, and a volcano. Put on safety googles. Held a pair of pliers in each hand. One to keep it stationary, the other to break a piece off. And put it all back in the bottle.

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