International Table Tennis Collaboration

Players:   Manja       (See original here: “Ode to my Oesophagus I“)

                 Frédéric Biver (See original here)

                 and myself, Jo Freehand

Thank you both!

12 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED THIRTY

  1. Reblogged this on fall of the fishman and commented:
    Collagist Jo Freehand has morphed Ode to my Oesophagus 1 into a voyeuristic game of international table tennis. Three guesses who gets whacked on the head. The Observer Observed! I particularly like how Big Brother still needs an instruction manual. Instruments probably from IKEA.

    Thanks, Jo!


    1. Front and center you got it. Unless you’d like to volunteer to be a ball girl. I have a feeling a few might be flying through those holes in the center of the paddles. Oops…there goes one now……


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