1. Ahhh…my first question from Mars! Thank you Jodi!

      I’d like to tell you that all of the records are hanging together on one big wall, in proper order and with plenty of room for those to follow. I’d like to tell you that, so I will.

      I wouldn’t like to tell you that I haven’t displayed any because of insufficient wall space, at least wall space such as described above. So I won’t.

      Most likely they’ll end up as hard-copy bound prints with the originals in storage.

      The daily selection doesn’t always begin with the song title. Each record is (usually) connected to the previous record. Part of the process has become game-like for my competitive self. Object: to keep the connection going while using up all of the available records. Actually, I don’t have to think hard about it – the connection happens organically anyhow. My favorite part The Challenge disk, is when someone else joins in with a comment that sparks the next record. Relationship. It’s all about relationship. Something I didn’t expect when I started. Something I’m very much enjoying now.

      Thanks for asking.

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