1. So Jodi,going back to your first question about selecting a record for the day…. I was saving this record to post today,Saturday. I was simply going to put lipstick kisses on it. (Kisses from myself or my lovely assistant.) That changed when you questioned my gender and when I saw the word Man in the middle of Romance. AND then again when I saw Page Ants.

    Thanks for joining the party!


  2. OMG! LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe you created this!?!?!!! from my comment. I am flattered, smiling, laughing, guessing, seeing lots of clues. I have a guess, but you are very Ms Terious! Your art is very young and fresh, your heart is older and wise, your views are enlightening and delightfully open and engaging. It really doesn’t matter male or female, young or old, your heart shines brighter than the sun – and you made my day making this work of art!!! Love from your Martian friend who is not nearly as Myster Erious as you, Jo Freehand! 🙂

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      1. Welcome Silver and thank you! Glad you could join us. Can I get you a drink? I hear Cheryl’s mixing-up something special. Non-alcoholic, of course. This IS an all age dance event tonight.


  3. Good stuff, Jo 🙂
    Love the rainbow pride/heart stylus following the groove kisses! I’m a bit of a stupid auslander: I automatically read “SATURDAY ROCE” and I was thinking, what the hell is “roce”. But I’m alright now. 😀


    1. Good eye Manja and thanks! Seeing ROCE wasn’t stupid. You are actually right on. Saturday Roce is something we do here in the states on the 325 sunrise of the year. It goes from sunrise to 50 minutes before sunset. Oddly and fortunately, somehow it always falls on a Saturday. A giant ant carrying a rainbow colored flagpole is the mascot. It’s crazy fun. I’m still covered with lipstick and DU-WELL.


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