23 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE

      1. Well I don’t know about helping interpret art, but I can tell you about the pencils on the record. They’re simply a symbol for the written word. They’re positioned as simple rays; as in another version of “……your heart shines brighter than the sun.” Or perhaps that’s, “…your blood flows graphite and shines brighter than the sun.”

        Did that make sense?

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      1. OMG!!! I so should have seen that!!!!!!! It totally looks like a SUN. Dang! Why didn’t I see that myself!???!!! Give me time – I’ll get better! 🙂 LOVE IT!


  1. It is a perfect representation of Your Heart Shining as Bright as the Sun! I am so mad I didn’t get that myself!!! I knew I loved it, just didn’t quite figure out why. Now I know, and it ROCKS! Alright – I’m ready for tomorrow’s – and getting ready to connect 🙂


    1. Jodi, Jodi, Jodi. Be gentle with yourself!

      Yikes the pressure’s on. Did I neglect to mention that a connection or even making sense is not guaranteed?

      I love your enthusiasm!


      1. Oh no – the Jodi, Jodi, Jodi thang! 🙂 So here’s the deal – tomorrow – I’m going to confidently share my interpretation – right or wrong – and consider it right! LOL!!!!


    1. Yes, I know. I wanted to put a warning on it for you, but I realized that by the time you read the warning it would have been too late.

      Personally, I think our skin should be transparent so we can see what’s going on. Or, at least, have a button to create transparency. We have space for a button. I know I don’t use my belly button all that much. “In case of emergency press here.” That’s it, but I’ve never had to use it. Anyhow, then I thought, but how would Wendy Kate ever survive with transparent skin. She’d never want to open her eyes.

      So, sorry I wasn’t able to warn you.

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