1. Thanks for the challenge Jodi. I’ve been thinking about it – which makes it more difficult sometimes.

      Pretend you’re sitting at a small round purple-clothed table with a stack of cards in front of you. It’s some kind of oracle deck. The person across from you asks you to choose one. You select this one, ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN.


      Jodi: “Local Government? I do love Mars, but I wasn’t thinking of running for council. Well, not quite yet.”

      Readerman: “More local than that Jodi. Body, muscles, interior view. This is your personal rule book, codes, ethics.”

      Jodi: “So I”m feeling like I should donate to The Nature Conservancy or adopt a big cat?”

      Readerman: “Perhaps. That wouldn’t be a bad thing. The Nature Conservancy does send out a nice magazine with pictures of pandas and jaguars. I think it might be more personal than that however.”

      Jodi: “Oh, please, do tell, I’d really like to get back to my writing and my cute puppy.”

      Readerman: “I’m sorry, I was procrastinating. I might be wrong. but I’m picking up that the jaguar image is somehow connected to the part of the title, “The Nature Conservancy”. Perhaps it’s your true nature, your passions, desires, that “you” at the core that has always been. I’m seeing the word “PRIMAL” in bold letters. Is there an issue with maintaining that? Is it feeling caged? Is her roar getting louder? Is there a conflict with YOUR local government, things you think you “should” be doing. A “you” that you think you should be? Fear of your true self, true nature becoming extinct?”

      On one level Jodi, the record goes something like that. Thanks for the articulation challenge my friend. Good luck with that local government thing.

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