14 thoughts on “ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-SIX

    1. I know what you mean.

      Do you think the idea of starting over can be a hindrance in any way?

      Did you see the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day records with the shredded paper?


      1. Hi Jo – I had not been on e-mail much for few days and missed those New Years posts, but just went to your archive and took a look! Very cool, and it is always thought provoking to think of the past and what’s ahead. I have been shredding lots of who I have been, and have glimpses of what might be ahead but that is still in shreds too – future shreds if that makes sense.

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      2. Future shreds? Pieces that are coming together? Your nest?

        The nest in the New Year’s post was made from the shreds of the year before. Rather than burning them altogether, I choose to use it as a nest while wondering if a new year or a beginning is really possible in isolation.

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      3. Re: your comment on isolation – Anything is possible. As human beings though, we thrive on connection. Funny it reminds me of a story of a man in prison that said he really loved the little ants that would march through is cell…how smart they were as he observed them. He was able to connect with nature and with life through those little creatures who were actually life saving at times for him.

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      4. Good story Susan.

        I should have been more specific when I wrote, “in isolation”. I was thinking of every moment and event being connected. I wasn’t necessarily talking about being isolated from others.

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      5. Thanks for the clarification Jo! I get it – Isolation meaning being in each present moment, how it does or doesn’t connect to the moment after, or even before, yes? At first I wondered why does Jo feel so isolated?? But then there are times most of us have experienced feeling isolated or alone even when we are surrounded by people!
        So never mind the ant story…just be careful not to step on any…


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