12 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED TWO

    1. My pleasure Jodi. Thanks for the fun request. This one is all yours to discover. (Everyone else’s too.) It wants to be an individual experience.

      If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear (even if not immediately – or, even now and a year from now).



  1. So here is what I take from my requested “DISCOVER” DailyRecord365 #202:

    The microscope is mammoth and massive and complex (like life), and it is examining the hole in the record (the “in between” part – the part where we have the freedom to do and be what we want). The lady is REACHING – almost as if for the stars and then embraces and takes in that light. And the microscope reminds me of the Discovery Satellite too – exploring the universe – and that is what the lady is seeing and feeling and it is filling her heart, and she is happy and excited and fascinated. And it is saying that what you see with your eyes (or at least on the surface or at first glance), might not be the “be all /end all.” You have to look closer, you have to feel it, you have to let it fill you, and it will bring you joy. There is a better view if you reach, stretch to look closer or look at a different way, and you need to look “in between.”

    And I love this! Thank you, Jo!

    Now that I have said what I feel and get from it, will you share what you were thinking and trying to express when you created it? 🙂


    1. Good stuff Jodi! Thanks for sharing and writing all that. I like it.

      In a way I already did share my thoughts on this one. Thoughts about it being an individual experience. Discovery, as an individual experience. However this image speaks to you is right for you.

      For me, the microscope is focused on a watch, an everyday object. Or perhaps it represents time or a moment.

      She’s “reaching for a better view”.

      Does she realize the view right there beneath her skin? The entire universe right there? (Or has she been focused outwardly, watching hands move around the clock.) Can anyone else interpret her universe?

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