14 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED THIRTEEN

  1. but then again, a picture can tell a thousand words…. just trying to figure out what story you are telling – always trying to figure out what story you are telling – LOL! 🙂 Sometimes I try so hard.

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    1. I appreciate that Jodi. I appreciate everyone that’s taking the time to follow and comment. Wouldn’t be much fun going it alone. But, do be gentle with yourself. I promise, somethings can not be explained.

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  2. But I so want to know what YOU are thinking when you create your art! 🙂 I can come up with my thoughts, but I want to know what message YOU are trying to say … Am I too simple minded?? 😦

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    1. NO, you’re certainly not too simple-minded! (Actually, I’m not sure what that means.) You were right on with “An untold story?”

      It’s just that sometimes I’m NOT thinking and I like it that way. When that happens any words or thought that I attach to it later can never fully be honest. Even the title. Because “thoughts” weren’t in it. They’re just thoughts I’m making up afterwards. So your interpretation would be as good as mine.

      And then there are the times when I don’t want to explain. No offense to anyone. “No Words” was one of those moments.

      You’re right, most of the time I do put thought into it. Maybe too much, I think, …too complicated minded.


      1. Thanks, Jo – that is good to know – because sometimes I’m thinking I’m just too stupid to figure it out! LOL! And I get frustrated – so I’m glad to know sometimes it’s just for fun and no deep meaning….

        Probably getting too deep here (oh brother!), but I’m a “people” person, and what I like about looking at your art is figuring out YOU – understanding what YOU are trying to say or represent or what you are feeling when you create a particular piece of work.

        So I am not an “art” expert, but is that not how art is to be looked at? Is it not to understand what the artist is trying to say?

        Am I making any sense? LOL! You can ignore me! 🙂


      2. Hi Jodi,

        In my last reply, I started to write, “Hey fellow (sister) psychology lover” and ask if you’re highly intuitive as well. I know that getting-into-someone-else’s-head hobby. It can be exhausting sometimes, can’t it? Making things actually gives me a break from that. It’s a whole different space. It is space and spaciousness.

        I’m no art expert either. I really can’t say how art is to be looked at and if it’s all about what the artist is trying to say. I imagine there are as many answers to that as there are artists. I’ve always thought that the viewer’s relationship with the piece is as important as what the artist’s is to the piece. That’s just my opinion. Since I’ve started this project, I now know that to be true.


      3. Good Stuff Sista! 🙂 You are right – it is just my nature (hubby jokingly calls it “nebby”), but I just have a genuine interest in people, knowing them, understanding what makes them tick, and hopefully encouraging them. Just my DNA. I think you are right about the art – both sides are important – that is what is so wonderful about it! Peace my friend!

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