20 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED TWENTY

    1. Thanks Jodi. You have me looking for faces now.

      More of this record would be that the slush froze to ice again. Unfortunately, I slid the record out from beneath the slush and hail before it froze. No chance of getting it back under. Well, aside from taking my blow torch or heat gun to the deck.

      (It started hailing as I was taking the picture. It started flurrying when I took the Teddy Bear Picnic photo. Kind of magical.)

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      1. Ut oh means it’s hard to pass up a dare, but that one is especially crazy. You want me to put my blow torch to a wooden deck? I thought you liked me Manja.


      2. ๐Ÿ˜€
        That would be particularly cruel, haha, but it would melt the ice. Anyway, you have already melted the ice back into sludge, I noticed. I adore you, Zobi, you make me laugh!

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      3. Probably not wise to like that without knowing the lyrics. zzzzzzzz A song about a fly? The sound is crazy and danceable. I like that. But mostly, I liked it for the lead vocal’s outfit. “One of everything please. Except the shoes, two of those please.”


      4. Zobi Freehand sounds good, no? And Helno was รผbercool. Was. The lead singer was a frail and pale introvert who blossomed on stage. He died at the height of his fame of a drug overdose. At his mum’s house. Alone. In his old bedroom. Tragic, no?

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