14 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED FORTY

      1. Hi Jo!!
        I can imagine that something like a “stupid” record behind a glass can make people all emotional who have taken LSD. But as I never have taken LSD myself, I couldn´t tell, could I. I also thought that OCD and LSD rimes nicely. All stupid I know.

        In reality I wanted to say but repressed it, that it was fascinating, for me, in that moment, to look into the depth of the warmish transparent orange gelatine pudding onto the wavering American Pie label . The “Transfusion” made me feel all saintly important but yet worth nothing.
        As my heavy heavenly eyelids lowered with all mind control possible, my brains captured “Nervous, Norvus”, with “Norvus” seeming an ancient word of a misterious language, and nervousness is a creepy feeling that has always existed. That made me all nervous and I woke up.

        Where was I? Anyway, never gonna speed again.

        The last bit that I´m never gonna speed again is not true, no. Got it from the lyrics of this funny and tragic song I had just been looking up in youtube before writing about the speed, that made me all speedy without speed, but how could I know, couldn´t I? Oh my goodess, and have you heard and seen the song of Nervous Norvus “Run Chicken Run and Jack the Ripper? it´s quite weird.

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