22 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE

  1. LOVE it – and always love CAS and Karen Mae’s interpretations and comments 🙂
    What I see – Today – like every new day – we have a blank slate to create and make it anything we want. What a wonderful gift!

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    1. Ah yes, Daily Record’s top commenters. I think they’re competing. (I didn’t pay them , honest.) CAS is in the lead by 89 comments, and I don’t think she’s going to give up the title so easy. You’re actually only 5 comments behind Karen Mae. How did that happen? She better look out. And you need to watch your back for Wendy Kate.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on today’s record. Glad you like it.

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    2. Not that you asked, but in case you were wondering this is how I came up with that.The first thing that my eyes saw was a test tube, that made me think of cloning. Next thing that I noticed was the white record. So my mind put these things together as Dolly the sheep who was the first animal to be cloned from an adult cell

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      1. You didn’t have to, but thanks for clarifying Karen. I was afraid to ask. Not really afraid, just wasn’t going to. Mostly because I was afraid.

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      2. I love hearing your thought process. I always wish Jo would share her thought process for each piece, but I guess that would take the fun out of it for all of us. Still – to understand what the artist was thinking would be so rewarding for me. Maybe the day after posting (JO!!) 🙂


      3. Hi Jodi,

        You’re right, I do prefer to leave room for each viewer’s personal experience, be that taking it in without putting words to it – or by seeking a particular meaning. And, honestly, adding text to each piece, would make this daily project much more difficult for me to accomplish. Forming words comes slower for me. I really don’t mind answering questions though.

        Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, the images create me and not the other way around. Those are the moments when I agreed to just take their hand and accept the invitation to come play. “What if we do this together…or maybe this?” Those have been my favorite records. Moments when I wasn’t really thinking or planning, but rather just being and listening.

        With all that said, however, I will definitely keep your wishes and preference in mind.

        Thanks Jodi!

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      4. If I had to choose ONE favorite it might be “Whole”, Ninety-Nine (October 13th) – poetry, connection with trees, rolling along with this record project AND : ) Ninety-Six (Oct. 10th) because I found the disturbing sketches in a children’s reading primer right as I was making that record. I felt like that child of long ago and I were connected right then in that moment. They were the perfect addition to the piece. Felt like he or she spoke to me from Beyond.

        And then of course there’s… Forty-Six (August 21st) possibily Daily Record’s mascot piece , Nineteen (July 25th) because it’s true, Thirty One (August 6), One Hundred Forty-Two (Nov. 25th) because I still miss her and still want to meet her for coffee, Five (July, 11th)…. should I go on?

        (No, I didn’t forget Two Hundred and Two!)


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