14 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX

  1. Boy, this is an interesting one. I see the large black circle as the earth (or else a big problem i see, but cant do anything about) and the small white one as me. I am orbiting, watching, but trying not to get too close to it, because it’s not really my concern. The rest (the black area outside the box) has nothing to do with me at all. I need to embrace everything I can do nothing to change. I really like this one!

    I’d like to know if there is always a meaning to these, or if sometimes its just art and the viewer assigns her own meaning to it?

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    1. Hi createarteveryday,

      Thank you for sharing your take on today’s piece.

      There IS always meaning. Personally, every record has meant that I’ve honored my creativity in whatever way it has shown up. That’s not what you’re asking though, is it? I wrote a note to Jodi on sort-of the same subject. Maybe that’ll help. It’s on yesterdays post.

      Sometimes, they are expressions of a moment. One that I find hard to put into words. And, some have been planned more than others.

      This one today is a continuation of yesterday’s. (Yes, they’ve all been a continuation of the previous, however it’s more apparent in this one.) It’s made from the “scraps” of yesterday’s record. The remains of the day, the leftovers. What I could still embrace of the day. This happens to be one that was less planned. I saw the pieces on my worktable. Why throw them away? I played with a couple of compositions, took a few photographs, and liked this one the best. It sounds like it was thought out, but it really wasn’t. I was just happy to run into it’s arms.

      Your interpretation, yes, isn’t that right for you? I’m glad you like it. Thank you!

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  2. Recycle, repurpose, make the best of the scraps leftover – I love the meaning in this one. And it also looks like a “Q” to me – so it is like the ultimate BIG Question – what to do with what remains…

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    1. Thank you Wendy Kate! Glad you like it. I try to keep the x-acto work neat. Which, basically, means making sure the blade is still sharp. That doesn’t always happen however.


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