Found Object Art


  Between Winter and Spring:

Litter Visibility Season

All items, except the record, were found on a walk. “Will Man Ruin the Earth Beyond Repair” was from a faded and weathered Watch Tower magazine. The text on the straw was from the same article.  It says, “The earth is far too precious to end up in environmental bankruptcy.”  Packaging from a case of “Purified Water” in “Eco-Air Bottles with added minerals” lines the outside of the blue plastic rim.  (Not visible in photo.)

Liking will not be viewed as a love for litter. If you want to make that statement, feel free to clarify.

PS.  Not one of my favorites. Thought I’d share it anyhow. Although, I do love the title of the record almost as much as I love the word saunter.

8 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE

  1. Wow – a second post today – and it’s a sequel to the first! 🙂 BONUS! And how many miles did you walk to find all of these “treasures?” How crazy that you would find those words in litter – 😦 Well – at least you did a small part today to help by picking it up! Way to go Jo! 🙂

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    1. Unfortunately I didn’t have to go far at all. Opening up a bleached-out and smushed together magazine, that was probably alongside the road all winter, and finding that article was bizarre. And yes, I did want to go back out with more trash bags. Not to make something with it, just to clean-up.

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    1. No smiley/frownie rules here. Using the word OOPS in capital letters preceded by a dash and with an exclamation mark after it however…..


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