1. Thanks CAS. The red Thank You sticker is my way of pressing it back. I really appreciate yours and everyone’s love, likes, questions, feedback, kudos, and support.

      100 to go. That is if that number in this blog title has any relevancy other than there are 365 days in a year or the number that comes after 365 or maybe it’s an address or part of a phone number.

      Could today’s possibly be the last record?


      1. Ohhhhhh nooooooo…that cannot be the case! You actually want me to get a life? Who will get my mind to start in the morning….I’m just beside myself. ……hey, stop touching me…MOOOM…..she’s on my side…she’s over the line…..stop picking on me Yeah, THAT beside myself…. I’d be lost without your kickstart. Pleeeeaaasseeee say it ain’t so…. {sniff}

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