Mixed-Media Collage


Remember When …

You made concoctions just to see what would happen? Poured some oil and sugar into your glass of water, stirred it up, then added some vinegar and maybe a squirt or two of ketchup and a few drops of hot sauce, mixed it all up again, then added some salt and pepper and if you were real lucky some of those crushed red pepper flakes?


And then you got caught and had to taste it to learn a lesson about wasting food.  Remember When?


12 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX

  1. I sure did! Still do!! 🙂 But the WORST ever was when my friend and I wanted to try making chocolate covered worms for a science fair project – and my grandma actually let us boil worms in her kitchen! Remembering when with a smile! Thanks for the reminder of the memory! And in case you are wondering, we got too “grossed out” and never went through with it after the worms started “foaming” up will boiling – 😐

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    1. Whoa. You’re still making boiled chocolate covered worms?

      With hesitation and morbid curiosity, do you remember what project you did instead? And did grandma help again?

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      1. LOL! Some other lame chocolate covered something. Grandma “let us” clean it all up and start over all by ourselves. I thought anything covered in chocolate would be good – and we thought worms might be an additional source of protein – LOL!

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  2. And my first thought was about the mainstream media, the way they serve big financial interests serving us people those poisonous contradictional concoctions ( my English is not so good, so I have a good excuse to write weirdly).

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