1. I like your translation. I like the words you chose. But a visceral reaction? Now that lifts the corners of my lips, which in turn pulls my heart up and open, which creates a deep inhalation from my core, my back, my lungs and lightens my entire being. Or maybe it was all vice versa.

      : ) Thank you.

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      1. Awh! 🙂 The greatest part is that I am feeling the freedom to simply express what I feel – whether it is “right” or not or what you meant when you created it – it is what I see and feel. That took me a while, and I love that you encourage it and appreciate it.

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  1. I love this totally, but I didn’t get it until I saw Jodi’s comment. I just thought it was cool. It looks to me like an egg hatching a person walking across rough water. So, a growth experience, but I think I’m seeing that now because if Jodi’s insight. This is really beautiful. Man, your mind never stops, does it? Woo!

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