1. OK, so many things in my head. We have a woman from the 50s(?), when women were supposed to be “empty-headed”? And is she writing with lipstick on the crossword puzzle, so like, I don’t know the answers so I’ll paint on this or draw with lipstick? Is she fuzzy in the head because the top of her head is blurry OR is she thinking so fast that she can’t get the words out, and so she resorts to color? Again, I feel like I’m on the couch on an episode of Frasier or something lol. I feel like she has something to say, but she’s unsure how to say it. Ugh, which is how I feel right now too lol! haha. Is she angry, so …she’s speaking in red? Is she showing her own style and thumbing her nose at society’s expectations? (We can only hope.) Hmm…. This one will have me scratching my fuzzy brain for some time! 😀

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    1. Hi Jodi,

      This record is a good example of putting TOO much thought into it and not letting it happen in a more organic way (I think). : )

      The Tourist Effect: being somewhere , but not really being there. Touring with a schedule, agenda, a list of what to see, what you’re “suppose” to see, how long to see it, how you’re supposed to feel, what it’s suppose to mean, etc… A metaphor for doing life in that same manner. (Not in the way you mentioned.)


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      1. Well I wasn’t thinking blood, but if that works for you… (In a certain way it works for me now that you mention it, but not in a violent way.) And I wasn’t thinking gender or “housewife”. I did enjoy putting red and white paint on the tips of my fingers and letting whatever was going to happen, happen. I also enjoyed thinking, once the record was done, how a black and white figure – the questioner- was chosen to be placed on a black and white puzzle with black and white answers. That’s about it. Oh, and then, of course there was the bird cage thing.

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