1. Dang, CAS – you stole my line 🙂 – First thing I thought of was a song… “Memories – like the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories – of the way we were….”

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  2. OK, I agree with the comments above, but the only thing that’s throwing me is all the words scratched out except “enough”. That’s making me do a bit of a double-take…..wondering if I’ve got it all figured out. OR I’m just totally brain-fried and talking out of my head. Which is likely! 😀


  3. OK, so, new thought. Simple pleasures. Simple pleasures are enough! They were enough for us as kids, and they are enough for us now. We just have to tune in to the simple things. And we shall fly like angels. Or like seagulls, which is almost as good.


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