20 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO

    1. Thank you Wendy. Happy to share a bit of local geography with you in return.

      I would take you up on that dare, except the records would get swept away while I’m photographing, and I simply can’t do that to Stream.

      Numbers 127 (11/10/14) and 232 (2/13/15) might help answer your question.


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  1. That is exactly what I was going to name it when I saw the picture – Rock Hopping! Perfect! Busy day at the office, but had a 5 minute break and had to see what the record of the day was 🙂 Thanks for the smile Jo!

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    1. Thank you.

      You might enjoy going backwards in the record archive. (If you scroll to the very bottom you’ll see a “+”. You’ll find the archives there. )

      I suggest that with hopes that the “notch” goes in all directions: previous records, future records, and today’s. (Not that you must have a favorite, or follow this at all.)

      Personally, being in the creative zone everyday is more important to me than kicking it up a notch. Just saying that isn’t my focus – as I carefully attempt to remove the pressure off myself to bring it up a “notch”. : )

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      1. I understand totally. Do you feel like you’re almost a different kind of person when you’re not creating on a regular basis? I can’t believe it took me till age 46 to figure this out, but I’m really glad that I did. I used to have lots of anxiety and now it’s vanished. It’s almost like a miracle.


      2. Congrats on healing that anxiety. I’m not surprised.

        And yes, I would absolutely feel like a different kind of person if I wasn’t creating on a regular basis. I would not care to be with that person.


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