1. That’s funny. I didn’t realize that shape when I placed it. That “palette” is a labeled illustration of a brain. If you click on the image it should enlarge.

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  1. That book looks like a must read!! Thx for the rec. this is what I learned when I found out my body hates gluten: We have a second nervous system in our gut. Which is why if a good doesn’t agree with you, it messes with your mind. This is where my anxiety and moodiness was coming from. Art cleaned up the rest, but getting off gluten and corn (and genetically modified food) got me most of the way there. This book looks really good!!


    1. Tremendous in deed.

      I went to a talk and workshop given by Philip Shepherd before I read his book. Windows and doors that I had closed, blew open.

      I love the library. I go all the time. But, Philip’s book wouldn’t be a can-get-it-at-the-library book. For myself, at least, it’s not a quick read. Thank goodness.

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      1. Hi Jodi,

        That’s a tough request. I could open the book and point to any sentence.

        I did choose one to highlight for you. (See Two Hundred Eighty-Seven.)

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  2. There are so many layers of resonance here I find myself rendered speechless – not familiar territory for me. It’s beautiful and poignant, Jo. Many, many thanks ….

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    1. Thank you Philip. So many of these records are inspired by your workshop and your book. This is simply the first that I’ve labeled it as such.


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