21 thoughts on “TWO HUNDRED NINETY

  1. Ooooooooooooo……
    Just like the mystery of your mind…..you are soooooo creative! Your blog is like a box of chocolates….never know what you’re gonna get…..

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      1. Well, I live in arkansas…..perception says that we have to have the soft ones since we have no teeth. Me, I prefer the nutty ones…..I guess I could make them from clay….hmmmmm…you’ve just given me an idea…!


      1. Dang – meant to say “go to bed” – not “go to be” – kinda like the “on” vs “one” One comment too early – another comment too late…. Long day. Nighty night

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    1. Hmm…I’m picturing giants with air bags. I suppose they might come in handy, especially having a longer fall to the ground than the average person.

      Mini giants?

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