1. Woohoo! Jo’s in on the watercolor “party!” And this is STUNNING! Did you draw the goldfish?? Love everything about this – even the big furry lap-lovin’ link in the food chain! 🙂


      1. You know, Jo, I’m thinking about it for next month. I’ve thought about it numerous times. He was hub’s and our daughter’s cat….mine is still with us….and neither of them seemed enthusiastic about the idea, so I’ve stayed away, but yes, I’d really like to draw or paint him. He was my baby too, just not the child of my heart the way Penny is. Is this cat yours? Is it a boy or girl?

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      2. Not enthusiastic about you doing a portrait of Prancer? Maybe one of Penny?

        This is Splinky – formerly known as Spike. His name changed after moving here with my partner. He loves to stretch out and slinky his way down a whole flight of stairs. After the first time he did it, he stood up on his hind legs, put his hands on his hips and declared, “From here on out I will be known as Splinky”.

        He also has a drag name for weekend shows, but I really should ask before I reveal it. Besides, with this record project, I really haven’t gone in awhile and, honesty, I forget his full name. He’s as comfortable in pearls and heels as he is scaling a seventy foot Poplar, often both at the same time.

        Lastly, no, he’s not mine. He’s really his own cat.

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    1. Hi Wendy Kate!

      Apparently he thought the fish looked tasty enough. Maybe it was the splash of orange watercolor. I’ll have to talk with him about the picture. Not sure if he’s ready for that level of fame.

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