1. I gasped at first when I saw the dead little guy……… I thought – what is Jo posting today????!!!!

    Then as I looked at again after the initial shock – I realized the time and effort you put into a little funeral for him, the flowers you placed, the little marker, and once again…….I am amazingly touched. You are a rare jewel Jo!

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    1. I know, not a pleasant sight. It was thoughtless of me not to post a warning.

      I do appreciate what you wrote Jodi. Thank you. Honestly it didn’t take a lot of time or effort. It was completely spontaneous, unplanned, thought”less”. I had one record with me, “I Love How You Love Me” and the beautiful rattle, handmade by a friend. I was stunned at the scene. I gathered some flowers, stacked some rocks, jingled a little tune with the rattle, and noticed the flip-side of the record. All of which I could have done without turning it into a Daily Record. Temporary shock.

      Nature certainly didn’t need my little ritual to do what it does. Maybe I was even causing a disturbance.

      Questioning myself as you can see.


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      1. Oh stop! Right now! I clearly know your heart was in the right place. And you know what – this will touch others – and resonate – and make an impact – you do every day. No more questioning your heart or intentions! PEACE my friend!

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      2. I do hear you Jodi. And I do feel I exploited an innocent being’s death. Who would want a picture of themselves in that state on the internet? It’s okay, you needn’t defend me against myself.

        Love ya!

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