14 thoughts on “THREE HUNDRED TWO

  1. Wow, OK. I agree this is quite beautiful, but it gives me different feelings. The knives and the skeleton with the hands on the head for me are death and fear, and so I immediately think about what’s hidden in the oceans in terms of ecological problems. So I see this as a cautionary piece, however lovely. It may be one of my favorites too, but I wish it was giving me a peaceful feeling.

    This again tells me I need to go back to the first record and really just go through and look at everything you’ve done, Jo. I think to not do that at this point is a disservice to myself and you. I don’t want to rush, though, I want to take my time and really do it. Will be fun. Thanks for sharing your work with us!

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    1. Hi Laura,

      Thank you for your continual feedback. Sounds like this project is about to change in a big way. I’m imagining another layer of interesting comments on previous records. I’m honored by your enthusiasm and interest. Every new view enriches the entire project.

      Regarding this piece, I found it comforting myself. The knife image didn’t occur to me. The slices were created by a blade, however, to reveal the record underneath. And as I did so the words on the backside of the page were perfect – “utterly dark” and “being” so I folded it over and included it.

      Many thanks. X

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      1. You’re welcome, Jo, and it’s really a pleasure always to look at what you’re doing. I love your outlook re views and comments. You’re an artist in the true-ist sense!

        I love the ocean so deeply, it’s hard to put into words, but particularly since the BP disaster, I can’t get those images out of my mind of oiled birds and the suffering in the region. Maybe moreso because my sister lives there. I was first drawn to the baby, and then, the bones covering it with such despair in the gesture, then next, I saw the knives (at least in my mind). I try and draw my own conclusion before looking at the other comments, so when I read those, I was trying to feel the peace that everyone else was experiencing. I still don’t really see it, but I’ll take another look. Thanks for your explanation. I’m on my phone usually, but often I don’t find a complete appreciation for your work until it’s viewed on a larger screen. I did try that with this one yesterday, but still couldn’t find the peaceful vibe. Maybe it’s the skeleton throwing me off. I’ll try again. Thanks for your work; I really do enjoy it.


      2. Don’t fret over it Laura. Your experience of this piece is perfect. No need to force a peaceful feeling about it. Is that possible anyhow?

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      3. Sure, but I might need some help to get there. Can you see the knives now? Show me the peace, babycakes, lol! I’d rather have the peace than the despair. (Not that I want anyone else taking the despair in exchange lol.)


  2. Hi Karen – I was wondering if it was just me! I see three knives, black blades with white handles, and two are connected to hands. Are they not knives? Argh, figures it’s my weird little mind.


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