15 thoughts on “THREE HUNDRED FIVE

      1. Dear Karen Mae,

        You have officially been selected to represent your comment at the black tie Daily Record 365 Top Ten Best Comment award ceremony. Please RSVP and let us know how many winks and smiley faces you’ll be bringing.


    1. I think you might be mistaking her for her sister who is MUCH more organized and orderly. In fact, if she travels, not only is she packed well in advance, but she has individual envelopes of money marked for each day AND prizes for every state border you cross.

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    2. PS. But I know what you mean. Until you said it, I didn’t realize that idea expressed in the teetering chair/man/car figure on her upper half.


  1. I am so very honored to be invited to attend the awards.before I RSVP may I please know what the required attire is. Is it a make your own outfit? Like yesterday’s.just was curious, off the record.wink wink


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