1. I don’t get it 😦 How come CAS always “gets it?” 🙂 It’s pretty, but tell me what you’re thinkin’ Mass of the Past. And is that your cute little reflection in the purple crystal ball ? 🙂

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    1. Jodi, I don’t always “get it”…..,at least what Jo may mean. It makes me think of my own life and tribulations and ways that I am healing myself. …like today’s, me being whole with some cracks and imperfections. Isn’t that what you do? I’ve stopped trying to figure out what Jo is really meaning…..because it’s usually not the same…..

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    2. Short answer Jodi…

      (I’ll have to get back to you. Sometimes the shortest answers are the hardest to articulate. Maybe my visual was the short answer. I’ll get back to you.)


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