1. You know me so well! Yes, I’m the type who sees a manhole cover with the stripe not going the “right way”, and makes me want to get out of the car and make it “the way it should be”. Haha

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  1. Love the art you create with nature. And love the title of this piece. I imagine you are speaking of a someone special in your life and it makes my heart smile. 😊


  2. Getting caught up on your posts – I’ve been painting, painting, painting – time to come up for air. Your work is always so great… the detail, the materials, composition…I love the mystery and ambiguity. Now what REALLY cracks me up are your loyal followers’ comments! And your answers. Love it all… deb xo

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    1. Hi Deb!

      Ah Yes, sweet mystery and ambiguity. It’s not my attention. Maybe it’s just who I am, but I can’t even say that for sure. Who knows?

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE my “loyal followers”. Feels more like family now. I am continually grateful that anyone visits – and to take the time to comment on top of that…truly honored. This really isn’t “my” blog.

      I loved opening the mail to find all of your comments and likes today. Thank you! You’re part of the family too.


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