1. Jo, I don’t have the words either. I really don’t. It’s such a pleasure to come in here every day. Your creativity and mind know no bounds. This is too cool to express how much I love it. Every time I think you’ve done it all…..*in my Emeril voice* …another notch! 💜💛💜

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    1. Thank you Laura. You are so generous with your comments and visits.

      I appreciate the “another notch”. Honestly I can’t relate to it though. If I think that way when I set out to play with the day’s record, it’s too much pressure. Know what I mean? Forcing something that will possibly be better than the next one only ends up forced and contrived.

      For me, it’s more about letting the moment be whatever it wants to be or whatever it is…Que Sera Sera…

      With that said, however, it makes me happy that you’re enjoying them more and more!


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      1. I understand totally. Maybe the daily practice is making your work sing more loudly, or maybe starting to know you/them more is helping me to understand them more…I don’t know but I love. 💜💛💜


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