1. You know that raises a good question. Why DON’T they ever come back for an encore? They seem to march right through, never to be seen again.


  1. What I’m getting from this is that we are having parades but someone is at home holding a picture of their loved one who never returned…..I love it Jo. The bottom part though, the second image….not sure how that is tying in.

    OK and one question: do you always have a meaning in mind for your artwork? Is it ever just colors or textures you combine, with no meaning intended or thought about until after you’re finished? I’m curious about that.


    1. If you look closely the second image is just a close-up of A part of the first image.on the second image the flat piece at the top is where the word is is. I know that is a lot of ises😊

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    2. Hi Laura,

      This piece was completely a moment piece. I gathered elements that were speaking to me at that very moment – on some level, including the title. As I’m writing this, I realize that I don’t care for the word “meaning”, especially in the context of creating something that didn’t exist before. What is the meaning of anything? And could one meaning suffice for each changing moment of every new day? It feels so limiting to me. Even my house changes multiple times in a few minutes.

      There are quite a few examples on here that were inspired by comments or, yes, orchestrated meaning-intended pieces. And yes, I do like working with color and texture without thinking about producing a particular meaning. Even those are revealing.

      Being in the moment of creating reveals the moment itself.

      Did I answer your question?

      What about yourself when you’re drawing or painting?

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      1. You did answer my question. Thanks! My mixed media stuff is more the in-the-moment type of thing. Sometimes I start with an idea, like in “Yo, Yellow”, of cheering someone up. But lots of times when I open my art journal, I have no idea what’s going to appear when I start. That’s the fun of it for me, the discovery. The blank page never bugs me in art (but it used to when I used to write). To me, it’s another chance to say something, to beautify (hopefully), to explore.

        When I sit down to draw though, that’s something different. Usually I have a subject in mind, and I just want to capture it as closely as I can. What medium I choose usually drives that whole process and determines how closely my finished piece will come to what I envisioned at the beginning.

        It sounds like your work is also a mix of planned and not. I really enjoy it, no matter what you’re creating, and it always inspires me to produce something. I’m getting better at not trying to figure out your thought process as much and just sitting with the work and letting it conjure something for me, and then rest with that wave, and ride it out. But I think it’s hard to really connect with a piece of artwork without having (or at least imagining) some connection to the artist. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to get inside J K Rowling’s head, for example, especially when she started writing books for adults.) The nice thing about WordPress, for me, is that we DO have that opportunity to connect with each other. I always enjoy my visits here. Thanks again, and sorry for the loooong reply. 🙂

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      2. Apology not necessary.

        I really like what you said about letting the image speak to you, “letting it conjure something for me, and then rest with that wave, and ride it out.” Beautiful.

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  2. Love the way you reveal how the result was achieved.

    I suspect you are showing how we view war and its consequences through screens on our tablets, PCs , TVs and phones, creating a barrier which helps distance us from its horrific nature. In turn that disables us from connecting it to our deeper emotions. Through the corporate media we are essentially being presented with two-dimensional views of three dimensional events.

    Or did I get it completely wrong?

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      1. Thought I’d do a bit of digging into your subconscious to see what I might find,. Next time I go down there I think I’ll take a flashlight with me. Seems to be some pretty interesting stuff.

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