1. Hi Jodi,

      That would have been a good record choice. It’s “The Beat Of My Heart” by Bobby Vinton. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I liked the title. I wonder why every word in a record title is capitalized? That’s why I capitalize all the words in my titles, but it doesn’t seem proper. You know me, extremely concerned about what’s proper. Anyway, I thought you might have the answer.



      1. Hmmm! Maybe when records were made “back in the day” we didn’t quite have the same typing etiquette used today. And Titles were capitalized typically. Now it means SHOUTING! 🙂 You may not be concerned about what’s “proper,” you are extremely sensitive to people’s feelings. One of the things that makes you properly special 🙂


      2. Perhaps I should be more concerned about other’s feeling like I’m shouting at them.

        I listened to the song, Beat Of My Heart. I would not have chosen it for the lyrics. It goes against the piece actually. So let’s pretend it’s your choice. That’s much better.

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