1. A rusty bottle opener, a dog, a pencil, a brush … all dangling by strings from a finger pointing stage left. So, who are the actors and who are the performers? Or are they marionettes? Are we all marionettes in the hands of a supreme deity? I definitely won’t get to sleep tonight if I don’t work out the hidden message. Or even if there is one.

    Aha! The brush is Angelica and the pencil is me. Hm, I note the pencil is equipped with an eraser … not so sure I like that hidden message … I must look deeper …

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    1. You’re such a cute eraser head Bryan. Maybe I should have googled “eraser-head” before saying that. I hope it doesn’t mean anything offensive in Spain or anywhere.


      1. In Spanish it means I am as filthily corrupted as the spawn of perverted she-devils conceived illicitly beneath the black waves polluting the diseased seas of Remorseless Sin at midnight on the night of All Hallows. And my mother is not worth a thimbleful of rancid goblin spit. But, as you didn’t know, can forgive you just this once


  2. Does it come to you in dreams? And do you have little elfish assistants like umm… like um, most of the fairy tale references are not socially acceptable anymore. How DO you accomplish so much? You do fascinating art that sparks the consciousness of the viewer. I love them all. Now – if I haven’t clicked “like” on a particular piece yet it’s because I need more time with those babies & I’ll get back to them…


    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you so much. I’ve never spent time journaling dreams and developing recall. So most are lost before I finish breakfast.

      I think I AM the elfish assistant, actually. That’s a great way of putting it. Helping out when I can, gathering a few materials, maybe offering a slight suggestion, taking a measurement or two, marking some lines, whatever is needed. And then mostly I step aside until needed to announce quitting time.

      Thanks for reminding me that I have accomplished a good bit. There’s always so many ideas that I have to apologize to at the end of the day. So many ideas I have to let down gently. I sing a lullaby and tuck them into their beds as they express hope of having a chance the next day. Then they ask for “one more drink of water, please!”, just to squeeze a few more minutes out of the day before falling asleep.

      Pride and determination have been great motivators for not missing a single day during this daily project. Daily walks have lost top morning priority status. And a clean organized studio has lost priority all together.


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