42 thoughts on “THREE HUNDRED FIFTY

  1. This is a head-scratcher. I’m wondering if the needle is supposed to represent one of the hands of the clock…the right angle seems very purposeful. and the word permanent on the marker, also….where’s Jodi’s magical interpretation when I need it?! The string around the finger wants to remember something….is the needle bursting the bubble? Oh, I need to spend a day in Jo-land…..

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    1. Thanks for sharing your questioning self Laura. Do come join me for a day if you can stand it. Bring a helmet, steel tip boots, maybe even a safety vest. Not that you’ll need them. I just like how they look on women.

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    1. Jodi, I do this too! But I feel like this one wants to tell me something. I almost feel like I need to spend a day in here, and look at everything while I’m in that frame of mind. But yeah….I was tempted to leave no comment, because I had no clue what to say (happens a lot in here!)….then I decided to free associate. I was hoping something with sense would come out, but alas, no luck. I found myself wishing you were here first, revealing the magical answer. Or at least, an interpretation that would resonate with me, as yours usually do.

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    1. Funny you say that. I have a record in waiting called “My Grandfather’s Clock”.

      My grandfather was very quiet. I don’t recall him ever saying anything. I would sit on a little stool next to him while he spat tobacco into a tin can with a picture of peaches on the label. He was a clock maker. The walls of the house were covered with his creations, all set to chime and cuckoo at different times. The rhythm of ticking and tocking was constant. Who needed to talk?

      But none of that came to mind while I was putting this piece together.


      1. Ugh, WP keeps blasting my comments *shakes fist at WP Gods* I said maybe you should write fiction. I got a v clear picture of your gdad from that description! I always like that look inside the mind of the artist *cue the creepy music* lol

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      2. No, not much really…

        until I was maybe 9 or 10 and then thought about it every single day for the rest of my life. My first babysitting money went to a beautiful blue electric Smith-Corona and an annual subscription to “The Writer”.

        Do you write (in addition to your blog posts)?

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      3. Wow, really? Cool! I used to write a lot when I was young. Then life got in the way when I grew up. But yeah, I used to have a lifelong dream of writing fiction. I even wrote every day for 20 minutes a couple of years back. Then art moved in! Do you still write?


      4. When you wrote everyday for twenty minutes was that a practice related to a particular system or program? I do still write. Poetry more than anything. Do you happen to recall the record with the poem included?

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      5. Hmmm. Nope. My memory is junk. The 20 minutes thing was a suggestion of my sister’s. I got so I could write a 20-minute short story from start to finish. I hardly ever picked up something from the day before. It seemed to train my mind to think that way. Then that same year I tried NaNoWriMo. Have you ever tried that? But the male main character was so d’ed creepy that it made me wonder about the junk rolling around in my head lol. And then I never really went back. Do you have a search widget on your blog? If not, maybe add one, search for poem and find it that way? Then remove it if you don’t like it.

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      6. Mork From Ork led a writing program? Truly sorry I missed that.

        I’d want to explore that creepy male character further. Do you ever think about revisiting? I enjoy when the dark stuff, the shadows, want to come out to play. They can’t come out without stepping into the light.

        Thanks for the widget suggestion.

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  2. Has me stumped…. Just took a break from work to take a few minutes to look at 🙂 – Jo – are you just being artistic or are you making a “point?”

    I can just hear your questioning answer back? What does it say to you Jodi? Doesn’t all art make a point? What is the point of art? What is THE point? LOL!

    Here’s my quirky take….. You can’t turn back the hands of time – it will “break” things. Time passed is “permanent” (marker) and cannot be put back together (stitched).

    But then – I’m probably wrong… 🙂

    But Jo will say I’m right if it is “my interpretation”

    Now – are you still glad you asked, Laura?! LOL!

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    1. Jodi, Jodi, Jodi would I really say that? What I’m really thinking is, does “just being artistic” and “making a point” have to be exclusive? Are both possible? And after 350 records do you really still think I have an answer to anything?

      I like your take on this record. Your idea that turning back the hands of time would break things made me pause and consider that possibility. Thanks for that.

      I wanted to use that hand image today. It’s been jumping up and down with raised hand for awhile now shouting, ‘PICK ME, PICK ME!” The record I chose or that chose me seemed to speak to yesterday’s flash back piece.

      The broken bits of the record seem to speak to that sense of something having been fractured in the past. Could be anything. Could go all the way back to childhood when our eyes were opened to a certain reality. Maybe a moment when complete joy was interrupted and forever altered. Broken bits, if not remembered on a conscious level, still hanging and attached somewhere.

      If you could go back would you? Would you want to mend it, sew the pieces back if you could? Or would you choose to pick up the marker and let it be? (If you could go back.)

      I want both.

      On another level, it’s about being okay with two conflicting “ideas” at once. For instance, our need or desire for certainty and our need or desire for mystery and adventure.

      Did that help Jodi, Laura….?

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      1. OK, yes, this helps too. I’m always so glad when you come in here and give us your background. I think it’s very cool and heightens my appreciation of the piece, always. So I’m grateful for that. I love your fourth paragraph. It’s a lightbulb moment for me there.

        OK. So here’s the question now for you: “I want both” means what. What is the both. Are we talking mending and letting it be? You want to be able to do both? Because *that* is giving me a whole new head scratch.

        Wait, OK, I might get this yet. Looking at the para after “I want both”……being ok with two conflicting ideas at once. OK, that is working for me. I guess that’s what you mean by “both”. Holding both ideas in time and space, simultaneously, with no heads exploding. Hmm….ok that’s interesting. So you’ve made peace with that moment in the past AND picked up the marker and went on. We let it be while at the same time wishing, in a way, we could go back and mend it.

        If this is what you mean, then I am very cool with that. Actually really digging that explanation. Thanks! (haha, now what if that’s not it at all. Oh well, time for another head scratch. It’s all good!)


      2. Jo, Jo, Jo – sorry if I “misquoted” what you would say. What you said is what I meant. LOL!!!

        But seriously, love when you explain what you were thinking. Such deep, insightful thoughts. Always make me think (EVEN more!) I think you like to leave it open for interpretation first, though, and see what it speaks to all of us – eh?!

        Can’t wait to come to your showing of all of these!! Oh what a party that will be!

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      3. If I implied that you misquoted, it was in jest. Yes, often, I prefer to leave interpretations open. And, often, I enjoy answering and making up a back story. : )

        Looking forward to that party too! Thank you SO much for offering to host it for a month at your home. You are so generous Jodi!

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    2. OK, I was in a webinar before and trying to keep both of those things in my head almost made my head explode, so I could only click like and scratch my head some more lol. I love this response, Jodi. This makes a lot of sense to me. It’s the word stitched that really helped me, because I couldn’t figure where the needle came in to play. You are really good at these!! Thank you.

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      1. Phew..good. I did hear the same thing you heard, that chuckles are illegal now. Glad you clarified.

        Everything’s fine here Laughter Police. You can go away now.

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    1. Well, I wasn’t planning on it, but Jodi so generously offered to open her home, completely open her home (from 9AM -11PM) everyday for a month! How could I say no to that? Of course that not only means opening her home to people coming in and out all day, it means filling every single last inch of wall space with altered 45’s. That’s a lot of nail holes to fill. She didn’t even mind that. She’s so amazing.

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