1. Witty CAS! I’m sure (or not) that it probably was at one time. It’s a good one. Thing is she doesn’t care to stay named for more than a moment , if that.


  1. Oh, I think her name is definitely freedom and she has nothing left to lose, isn’t that what freedom means? Jo, you are a genius. Now that I’ve just discovered this treasure, guess I’ll be working backwards over the year. PS – my partner is a burner, so really enjoyed that one.

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    1. Rebecca!!!! Welcome to the party! Your partner is a burner? Does that have anything to do with Sonya’s comment about needles? (Oh you weren’t here yet.) Sorry, not up on my kitchen imagery slang.

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      1. Yes, of course. I thought it had to do with tango. I was picturing you using your stove’s burner for some reason as a partner.


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