1. Oh no! What I feared is true? You guys are only figments of my imagination and about to disappear? Is that what you’re saying Bryan Hemming. If so, I sure had fun creating your imaginary character.

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      1. Suspended disbelief died today. For the briefest moment, from which the very essence of time must garner its form, I felt so very real. People actually started to greet me in the streets as one with physical form, as though I really existed. I was no longer just a figment of someone else’s imagination, but a figment of my own. Oh, how that bubble has burst in one cruel and delberate prick! The power of your work knows no earthly bounds.

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  1. I’d like to say FALSE….. please! Unbelievable that you’ve done this consistently for 365 times! Thank you for this beautiful journey and letting us have the pleasure of getting to knowing you better. I hope there IS more to come!

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    1. Thanks. I’m RECORD-ing your answer Karen Mae. And, yes, of course, on the curve. Red pencil shows up better if you follow the groove around the vinyl.


  2. Congratulations on reaching 365! I said it before and I’ll say it again – it would make an amazing exhibition all together 🙂 So what will tomorrow bring? Will the clock re-set to 1 or will it be 366 or will this blog disappear? Does GMO stand for ‘Got More Of’em…’?

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  3. First of all, congratulations. I mean, because you and your work are amazing and all (not that I’m saying anything new there).

    Secondly, this is so great. Oh, the irony! Because GMOs are true AND false at the same time! I credit GMO corn (well, let’s face it, gluten played a role too) for totally wrecking my stomach. And making me intolerant to way too many foods. So I have a real bone to pick with Monsanto and others. For years, I would diet and eat Orville Redenbacher microwave popcorn. Of course, I had no idea I was eating Frankenfood! Now that I’m off all of their GMO garbage, I’m no longer hungry all the time and dieting all the time! That stuff is wrecking the environment and people’s stomachs, and no one has a clue because they are not required to let us know that most of what we’re eating is NOT real food. It was created in a lab to destroy the stomachs of the bugs that eat the corn, soy, canola, sugar beet, etc. Well, guess what? It’s destroying our stomachs too!

    OK, back to your artwork/ which I love. And thank you for this wonderful and timely post. Love you, Jo!!! I’m looking forward to what the next year brings! ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. You’re welcome and thank you. People need to know about this. Once GMO corn wrecks you, you can’t have corn without reacting. No corn in this country means you must make everything from scratch. Everything you eat. Because corn is in everything. I never knew this til I started reacting to corn, how hard it is to avoid because of the govt subsidies and low $ of it. Very limiting. Lots of time preparing food. People need to know how this stuff is wrecking them, whether they’re aware of it or not. We are all walking science experiments for Monsanto.

        Thank you for your good work, and for raising awareness. One good thing, without GMO corn really effing with my life, and driving me to art, I probably wouldn’t be here, and would never have met all of you. But am I angry?? You bet. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. I hope my story helps somebody. My doctor told me to get off GMOs for a reason! 💜

        *sending love back*


  4. I sure hope something is coming around the corner…it sure would be lonely drinking my coffee by myself…..all alone…..with nothing to look forward to….{sniff} 🆘

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  5. Jo, I’ve been lucky enough to be a fly on the wall and take in your artwork, some pure genius, some over my head, but all of it incredible. Thanks for the interesting journey, i hope there is more to come…❤


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