I believe in “Why not!” and in rainbow-striped rain boots.

I believe that labels belong on vinyl records and GMO products, but not on people.

There are times I like to be labeled.  I believe “creative” is one of them,

even when ideas have overwhelmed and it’s felt more like a curse.


I don’t really believe I was cursed.  I do believe in Divinity and Divine Order.

I believe in the Fibonacci series, the Golden Section, the five Platonic solids, and that, maybe, nothing IS solid.

Music, that’s solid. Color, I believe that’s solid too.  I believe poetry is a particular shade of blue.  I know the shade.  And 7:30 PM, I’ve seen that shade too.

I believe that Art heals. I believe it is sacred and essential. As sacred and essential as clean water.

I believe in experiments (not dangerous experiments on our water supply – healthy, safe experiments) and in honoring a need to create something, everyday.

I believe that is what this blog is about.

And, I believe there’s a good chance it could be about something completely different.

Jo Freehand

July, 2014

29 thoughts on “About

  1. I believe that you are what you believe

    love your blog, looking forward to all the inspiration that will shine through


  2. I believe in YOU! You are a beaming light of tapped in divine! Can’t wait to see more of YOU, this awesome blog, and your inspirational work. Round and round like a record you spin beauty. Love the selfie too 🙂 All my love ~Val


  3. Jo, I love your blog, well done! I will be visiting it for inspiration and wisdom frequently. Keep it going. By the way, your comment on my photography is definitely the best one I have ever received, so thank you very much.


  4. What wondeful things you have here. You would be a bit hit at the San Francisco Mixtape Society which has a design competition. Thanks for the recent visit to my site.


    1. Thank you Bryan! I’m honored. I’d like to thank my ….. oh, oops…you didn’t say award. You said nomination. And rules? Yikes. Is there a nomination award without rules? Do I have to drink the used beer to be awarded? I’m not a fan. But, I’ll make use of the bottle cap. I’m sure I can glue it on to something. And, EXCELLENT, a chance to wear my tux! Where is the ceremony? Will Ellen be hosting this year? Can I bring my extended rubber duck family? They really don’t like being left alone. They’ll need the first two or three rows (depending on the length of the row). They have trouble seeing over people sitting in front of them. That makes them super restless. And if that happens, well…there will be a whole lot of angry people…people that, most likely, had their hair done up special for the event and now there’s 58 ducks that don’t want to miss a thing, sitting on top of their heads. Oh, and how many minutes are allowed for speeches? So many questions…

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    1. Thank you Kevin and welcome! That’s a major compliment. I appreciate it and am taking it in. I only used the computer for email before this project. And, the project itself, the daily piece, is also a daily surprise even for me. Not a whole lot of time to plan or to let my perfectionist-self speak.

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