1. Oh this one makes my heart heavy…… It says to me that we have created so much “convenient” garbage in our “plastic” world that it is overtaking our beautiful natural world! Thought-provoking dear Jo!

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    1. I know, it does look like a flower, and I find that disturbing.

      Creating this made me reconsider the whole idea of art itself. Why the need to make anything at all? “Natural world”, as you put it, doesn’t need us to try to beautify it with anything.

      That thought topples everything I think about myself.

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      1. But you provoke thoughts and speak through your art about important subjects. Does it have to be beautiful? That isn’t your goal is it? It is a way to express your views and opinions and inspire people. YOU are beautiful – and created from the “natural world.” 🙂

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      2. No goals, no intentions – just is.

        BUT, what if? What if no one had the need to express anything at all? What if all was simply still and silent. One complete full vibrating breath.

        Don’t worry, Im fine Jodi. There will be a record tomorrow. Just in the middle of a curious exploration.

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  2. Plastic. Oh, this could go so many places that aren’t good. We think we need it, it surrounds us, it can be beautiful, like the flower surrounding the earth, but it’s all an illusion. It’s really suffocating the earth, the oceans, marine life, us. This piece says so much.

    I could spend an entire day going back to Record One and journeying all the way through to the present. Boy, and then I need to get into the woods and take hold of some trees. Breathe in their truth. Heavy stuff.

    Yet, there is hope. There is conversation. This discussion between you and Jodi was terrific. Nice way to wind out the night. Thanks to you both.

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